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Daphnia in Test Tube with 30 degree Celsius The Daphnia in test tube number 3 that was placed in the beaker with 250 ml of water at 30 degrees Celsius had a more drastic change when it was first placed in water at this temperature. The Daphnia became much more hyper and there usual smoother swimming became more abbreviated and jerky. This is why they were rated at a level 3 after 5 minutes of being submerged in the water at 40 degrees C. After 5 minutes, the biologists noticed that 2 Daphnia had died and were lying at the bottom of the test tube. The other Daphnia also began to dive down to the bottom of the test tube and dig their faces into the dead Daphnia’s bodies. They continued to do this for rest of the experiment and observations. This biologist hypothesized that the Daphnia were eating on the bodies of the other dead Daphnia. After researching this topic, this biologist discovered that Daphnia are detritivores and decomposers so they feed on their dead and waste (Environmental Inquiry). After 10 minutes and up until the Daphnia had been in the 30
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