2 - Control There were 17 cells 5 of which were on the...

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Sea Urchin Lab Observations Tuesday November 17 th Control: (10x) zoomed in however findings were limited (40x) 1 cell in mesenchyme blastula and 2 cell in 16-cell phase Experimental: (10x) 2 cell in blastocyst phase and 5 exogastrulated cells; also 10 late mesenchyme blastula cells Wednesday, November 18 th 10:02am Control (10x) Normal lab microscope showed no findings, however the use of a dissecting microscope allowed for a closer view (dissecting) most cells observed in blastula stage 12 (blastula) : 4 (16-cell) ratio Experimental (10x) found 5 cell that were not quite in the fertilized egg stage and not in the 2-cell stage; in between (dissecting) most cells in the fertilized stage. A very small number were in the16-cell stage. Research shows that after 48 hours, cells should be in their blastula stage or more progressed. There is a clear indication for prematurity in the embryos. Thursday- November 19 - at 12:30PM.
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Unformatted text preview: Control: There were 17 cells, 5 of which were on the outer membrane and were in shapes of noodles or semi-circles. Experimental: There were 13 cells, the insides of the cells were covered in faint green blemishes, which were no longer semi-circules, but full circles, and in motion. The cells showed signs of being mutated – most were pink, but not all: the rest were a vague shade of brown with thick membranes surrounding them. Friday, November 20 th 1:00 pm Control (dissecting) most cells were in the pluteus stage and few in their late prism stage. 15 (pluteus) : 7 (late prism) ratio Experimental (dissecting) Most cells also in pluteus and late prism stage 8 (pluteus) : 4 (late prism) Embryos seem to be developing at a more normal rate than before. . *does retinoic acid cause permanent prematurity or simply a delay in embryonic development of sea urchins?...
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2 - Control There were 17 cells 5 of which were on the...

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