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BISC 011 LAB Daniela Andriamala Yontii Wheeler November 6, 2009 BLAST Lab Write-up for PCR Lab 1. The description of the Genomic Sequences tell the specific chromosome the sequence is on while The description of transcripts say the predicted type of homo sapiens. 2. 3. a.The Query Coverage is the percent of the query sequence matched by the database entry. 100% Query Coverage means 100 % of the query sequence was matched by the database. The Max Ident is the percent that the genes match up within the limits of the full match ( including deletions or additions reduce this value). 100 % Max Ident show that 100 % of the genes
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Unformatted text preview: match up within the limits of the full match and their were no deletions or additions. b. NM_001127612.1 NM_001604.4 NM_000280.3 c. Transcript variants are the various transcripts for one gene due to alternative splicing. Alternat-ive splicing is a process by which the exons of the RNA produced by transcription of a gene are reconnected in many different ways during RNA splicing. d. Chromosome 11 e. What can you assume is the relationship between these genomic sequences and the 3 transcripts? The three transcripts went through transcription from the genomic sequences.?? f....
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