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Liz Knowles October, 18 th 2010 Largess, Acting 1 Oleanna Review When I saw David Mamet’s controversial three act play, Oleanna , for the Sunday Matinee I was first struck by the set and scenery. The modern ceiling hanging made up of pieced together squares with special lighting shining down through them gave the stage an eerie, soul- less feel. On the the stage itself there was repetition of this mod look, the support of the stage being a unique color and shape, mostly squares and grays. The back side of the stage, which was V shaped, was lined with uninclosed cubic books cases, which showed the black-as-night black drop of the theater through them. I thought that this design was very effective to the audience because it made them focus on the characters, while still adding to the essence of the play, which was the feeling that something lacked life or intelligence. At first I thought these book cases would be moved and changed into different settings during different scenes, but that was not the case. This was because the entire play was set in a professor’s office, hense the many books on the book case. In the center of the two book cases there was a portrait of a man, his wife and child, which was that of the professor and his family. Then, of course, since this was an office there was a desk with a phone, a chair, and a second chair for. I thought this set was very interesting to look at because there were many details put into it. I could tell that certain aspects of this set would be essential to the play itself and
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EBK_Oleanna - Liz Knowles October 18th 2010 Largess Acting...

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