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Axis of Awesome

Axis of Awesome - given word as long as the first and last...

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I think that Axis of Awesome’s argument is a bit of a stretch. They keep up the same tempo in demonstrating all 36 songs that they claim contain the “same” four chords. However, the pitch is slightly different for songs such as “Poker Face”. Songs such as “You’re Beautiful” and “I’m Yours” are given faster tempos and different melodies. The reason why can we still recognize songs even when certain elements are altered is because our minds don’t scrutinize every single detail in a song, just as we don’t fully process all the letters that are composed in a word. For example, when words are scrambled and we are given the task of trying to figure out what the actual word is, we have no problem determining the
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Unformatted text preview: given word as long as the first and last letters are in their correct spots. Our brains were made to analyze the most important parts of a concept, and all other negligible elements are “weeded out” so that we can focus on the bigger picture. In the songs that Axis of Awesome plays, the chords sound familiar to our ears and the contour, or the shape of a melody, are overall the same. As long as these are closely related to the original recordings of the popular songs we listen to, more intricate issues such as tempo or reverberation have little importance....
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