Lecture1 - Sociology Lecture 1: The Sociological...

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Sociology Lecture 1: The Sociological Perspective (Chapter 1) “The world belongs to me because I understand it” - We react to and act upon our environment - The social infrastructure that coordinates human behavior cannot be ignored when we’re studying humans - biology, genetics, hormones, psychology (personality traits, dysfunctional behaviors) are all disciplines which affect behavior What is Sociology? (regarded as a science) - the scientific study of societies and human social behavior/interaction - society – group of people / population living in same area with same governing body o virtual society (due to almost limitless communication) o grow with technology - Idea of Intelligence (capacity to learn) o Usually all similar o Affected by your demographic area (cultivated or suppressed) - Sociological Perspective o Our human behavior is determined by the groups we associate with and the society we live in - Sociologists examine patterns of social behavior / make objective observations based on the scientific method - Principle of Organized Skepticism o Nothing in science is based on faith or common sense / must be based on facts and empirical data - Research methods (data collection) o Observation – watch and record o Participant observation – participate and record Hawthorne Affect – when a person’s behavior changes because they know they’re being watched o Survey research – questionnaires and interviews o Secondary data analysis – available data o Experiments – difficult and protected - Levels of Sociological Analysis o Micro-Level – intimate social relations (family, friends, etc.) Usually involves analysis of personal interaction
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Lecture1 - Sociology Lecture 1: The Sociological...

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