Lecture9 - Lecture 9: Education, The Media, Politics and...

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Lecture 9: Education, The Media, Politics and Economics (Chapters 12 &13) - Functions of Education o To teach existing knowledge and skills to new generations, also the creation of new knowledge o To teach social skills o Cultivates ethnocentrism (your country is the “best”) Teaching cultural values Patriotism, respect the flag, etc. o Restricts young people’s access to the labor market Less competition for older workforce o Sorts people by ability o Teaches us to be good workers o Babysitting Both parents can work - Functional for Whom? (Conflict Theory) o Tracking and labeling creates self-fulfilling prophecy Teachers that designate a student as a problem student causes the student to create a self-fulfilling prophecy (they act like a problem child) o Credentialism restricts entry to high paying jobs Degree inflation – the weakening value of our college degrees whereby the number of degrees increase, the value of each one decreases o Reproduces inequality o Promotes existing political and economic arrangements - Louisiana’s Dropout Problem o 1998 – national graduation rate 71%; whites 78%; blacks 56%; and Latinos 54% o 2003 dropout rates: Arizona 10.9% and Louisiana 8.3% (highest) and North Dakota 2.2% (lowest) o Louisiana Cohort Graduation Rate: students who entered 9 th grade and graduated 4 years later (2005-2006) Table in powerpoint - Mass Media (OMIT pages 348-352) (on 352 start with “control of the mass media”) o Viewers erroneously believe their media experience is a truly democratic experience (intentional distortions) o Small number of large corporations own most of our media experience o Support power elite and encourages capitalism/consumerism as opposed to social and individual responsibility o The insidious impact of such concentrated corporate control results in the gradual erosion of the wall separating news form advertising and…
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o What is presented as news depends on what is profitable for the people who own the news o Rather than a free flow of ideas and information about issues and problems, we have a controlled flow that produces news in which problems are defined and solutions to these problems are assessed as to which benefits the people
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Lecture9 - Lecture 9: Education, The Media, Politics and...

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