Midterm Study Guide

Midterm Study Guide - For the midterm, you should know the...

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For the midterm, you should know the following topics: Review the terms Early origins Minstrel shows (white performers in black makeup, mocked slave population) , Congo square (place where slaves were permitted to dance, now called Louis Armstrong Park, ring shout) , Genres – ragtime (piano genre, doesn't swing, even division of beat) , blues, AABA, AABBACCDD (military march form, original form of Maple Leaf Rag) Race records (phonograph recordings made for African-American listeners, coined by Ralph Peer of Okeh) Robert Johnson, unmeasured phrases (Hell Hound on My Trail) Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers Sidney Bechet - Blue Horizon, clarinet, vibrato Louis Armstrong – extroverted player, used marijuana, FBI file due to Little Rock 9, Bix Beiderbecke – roots, musical style, first important white jazz musician, died early, composition for piano, introspective Swing Basic stylistic concepts, development of arranging, dance music, 3 main proponents, main instrumentation. Duke Ellington – roots, compositional style, important soloists in the band, musical examples, Cotton Club in Harlem, jungle sounds, voiced across sections of the band, multiple versions of pieces, Proportion in music, Fibonacci series, golden section, .618 Count Basie – Kansas city swing style, Brass vs. reeds, first great rhythm section (Freddie Green (Father Time - Guitar), Walter Page (Bass), "Papa" Jo Jones (Drums) , riff based compositions, disappearance of stride, Lester Young influence Benny Goodman, first racially integrated band, players in his quartet (Lionel Hampton (Vibraphone), Gene Krupa (Drums - first major jazz soloist on drums), Teddy Wilson (Piano - used "Fatha" Hines right hand trumpet style) , tour & clear channel stations, drumset soloist Transitional Charlie Christian – long solo lines, amplification (electric guitar, Breakfast Feud) Django, only used two fingers, addition of the violin, European jazz musician Slam Stewart (bass - known for bowed/sung solos) , solo style Coleman Hawkins – tritone substitution Tatum – reharmonization
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Bebop – basic stylistic characteristics, melodic chromaticism, fast tempos, cabaret cards, move from entertainer to artist, artifacts for copyright reasons, Charlie "Yardbird" Parker – highly addictive, died early, alternate takes, Birdland (jazz club named after him), Embraceable You Dizzy Gillespie –
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Midterm Study Guide - For the midterm, you should know the...

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