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Company Layoff case

Company Layoff case - Company Layoff You are one of the...

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Company Layoff You are one of the managers of a department store in your community. You have just been informed by your supervisor that one of your employees will have to be laid off due to company cut-backs. You are now meeting with your managerial colleagues to decide which employee will be chosen. All employee listed work full-time, and all work the same number of hours. There is one formal rule you must follow: The basis for laying a person off must be job related reasons . Please make the best decision you can with the information you are given. Be prepared to present your argument to your colleagues. List of Employees Marsha Age 33, married with two children, Marsha has worked for the company for five years. She loves her job and works with little or no supervision. You have considered giving her a promotion when the opportunity arises. Other people go to Marsha when they have questions, because she trains well. She has been going to school part time to get a management degree and will graduate in one
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