Eval - Mariel Losso CMST 2061 March 11, 2004 Group...

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Mariel Losso CMST 2061 March 11, 2004 Group Evaluation I would like to attribute the success of our presentation to a well organized group of individuals who set out for a common goal and collaborated together to complete this goal. Together we had to coordinate and plan a meeting in which we tried to get our classmates to come up with a solution to a problem that we posed them. Through different roles, jobs, assignments, and meetings, our group put forth their best effort to present a complete presentation. Our group went through all the phases of group development through our preparation for our group presentation. For us, I think the orientation phase was the easiest and smoothest transaction. Despite four of our group members sitting beside each other through out the semester, out side of class we bounded well. We shared many common interest and activities, and that allowed us to gel well. For instance, in our first meeting as we were waiting for our group members to show up for the meeting, I learned that Erin had taken the same music class that I am currently taken. I was having a good experience in the class, and she had had a good one. After we shared a few laughs, it was very easy for us to communicate. Scott was a freshman engineering student like was I, and we were able to communicate on the difficulties of still getting used to the college life. In our group, I am proud to announce that no one exhibited any of the individual
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Eval - Mariel Losso CMST 2061 March 11, 2004 Group...

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