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Seven Deadly Sins of Facilitation More times than not, these sins by the facilitator will lead to some form of dysfunctional  behavior by one or more members of the group: 1. The facilitator chooses which comments are worthy to be recorded/dealt with by the  group. 2. The facilitator interprets the words that are spoken and records the interpretation,  instead of recording what is said. 3. The facilitator permits the group to wander away from the stated objective for an 
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Unformatted text preview: extended period of time. 4. The facilitator permits the ground rules to be broken without taking visible corrective action. 5. The facilitator is perceived as losing neutrality and favoring one position over another. 6. The facilitator speaks to a participant using aggressive or emotionally charged language. 7. The facilitator allows an atmosphere of distrust or disrespect to build between him/herself and participants....
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