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Ideal Teammate Directions:  You have $1,000 to spend on selecting an ideal team member to    complete you  group project. Review the following list of ideal teammate characteristics. Circle  your selections carefully. $ Dollar Amount Characteristics 100 Punctual 100 Conscientious 250 Reliable 100 Knowledgeable about subject 100 Computer savvy 250 Competent presenter 150 Leader 300 Cooperative
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Unformatted text preview: 200 Good personality 100 Goal setter 200 Problem solver 250 Resourceful 250 Flexible 200 Dependable 100 Intrinsically motivated 100 Self-confident 150 Creative 200 Cares about other team members 250 Capable of seeing bigger picture` 500 Good negotiator 250 Gives feedback appropriately 100 Able to express expectations 250 Good listener 250 Open to other viewpoints...
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