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Agenda Introduction Goal : To help the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee develop better problem  solving skills. Problem : The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee appears to be suffering from  groupthink. Preview agenda I.  Introduce the problem      (2-3 minutes) The purpose is to have the class tell me what they perceive to be the problem in  the case. II.  Define and analyze the problem      (3-4 minutes) The purpose is to have the class help me define the problem further and analyze  the effects of this problem. III.  Establish criteria      (4-5 minutes) The purpose is to have the class help me establish criteria for judging a solution.
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Generate possible solutions (5-7 minutes) The purpose is to have the class give me solutions to the problem. V. Evaluate possible solutions (4-6 minutes) The purpose is to judge these solutions against the criteria and have the class give me feedback as to whether or not they meet the criteria. Conclusion Ill ask the class to vote on a solution, if we have not already made one. Ill ask the class if we have met the goal....
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