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Sample Agenda - IV Generate possible solutions(5-7 minutes...

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Agenda Introduction Goal : To help the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee develop better problem  solving skills. Problem : The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee appears to be suffering from  groupthink. Preview agenda I.  Introduce the problem      (2-3 minutes) The purpose is to have the class tell me what they perceive to be the problem in  the case. II.  Define and analyze the problem      (3-4 minutes) The purpose is to have the class help me define the problem further and analyze  the effects of this problem. III.  Establish criteria      (4-5 minutes) The purpose is to have the class help me establish criteria for judging a solution.
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Unformatted text preview: IV. Generate possible solutions (5-7 minutes) • The purpose is to have the class give me solutions to the problem. V. Evaluate possible solutions (4-6 minutes) • The purpose is to judge these solutions against the criteria and have the class give me feedback as to whether or not they meet the criteria. Conclusion • I’ll ask the class to vote on a solution, if we have not already made one. • I’ll ask the class if we have met the goal....
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