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Self Assessment 2

Self Assessment 2 - 1 Yes I believe my introduction was...

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1. Yes, I believe my introduction was effective in gaining the attention of the audience. After listing my credentials, I decided to insert some humor to wake up the crowd. I compared my characteristics of being good looking, but not being able to talk to girls to a company look fine and good, but not being able to communicate within. Immediately after that, with all the laughter aside and knowing people were paying attention, I previewed what my presentation would be. This way, I knew the audience was listening because they wanted to know if I had any more tricks up my sleeve. 2. I did describe and magnify the problem effectively. While giving my summary of my run around with Chet, I described what I saw. I did this in an orderly manner. I used ethos, by telling the audience they must analyze the situations of suffer grave consequences. I also provided evidence that a problem existed. I showed a graph of profit earnings over the time that I had analyzed the company. I listed what the situation
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