Transitions - .... Since we have already considered , we...

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Transitions Transitions act as road signs to guide us, the audience, at the crossroads of your  presentation. Your audience needs to know when you are moving on to another subject  and transitions provide that knowledge. Transitions will also help keep your pattern of  organization in mind while speaking. Useful Transitional Words Because Similarly Since First Therefore Specifically And Furthermore Moreover Thus Nonetheless But Useful Transitional Phrases Not only                               , but also. .... In the first place. .... Now that we have seen                                , let us consider . .... In contrast . .... Perhaps an even more important point . .... On the other hand . ..... It is not enough to know                               . We must also consider . .... This issue raises a second question/point . .... As you can see .
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Unformatted text preview: .... Since we have already considered , we should now consider . ..... In addition to , there is another reason/factor . ..... But is only one viewpoint. Equally important is . ..... On the other hand. ...... This last point raises the question . ..... Another way of looking at this is . .... More important than this point is the fact that . ..... If this point is true, then we can assume that . ..... Rhetorical Questions Another very effective form of transition is the rhetorical question. Try summing up a point you have just made and then ask a question concerning your next point. For example, "Now that you have decided to take up skiing, how do you go about selecting your equipment?"...
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Transitions - .... Since we have already considered , we...

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