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Mariel Losso CMST 2061 – 009 March 21, 2004 Chapter 6 – Technology in the workplace 1. As technology rapidly continues to advance, we need to look at its negative affects on the workplace. One downfall to technology in the work place is how it moves to quickly. As technology gets better, it gets more expensive. Smaller companies who cannot afford to keep up with the speed of technology advancement, often find themselves behind, and not able to communicate using that particular device. Also, things such as email and instant messaging are not very personal. Because the message is represented in text, the meaning can be interpreted in many different ways, and the credibility of the speaker is diminished. 2. Technology also has its many benefits in the work place. It is more quick and efficient in terms of delivery and promptness. Distance is no longer a factor when you have technology. It also allows for a more organized approach to communicating. For instance you can separate members of different projects into
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Unformatted text preview: different email groups, and use methods such and broadcast email to email to every person in the group at the same time. It is done at one click of a button. A few good examples of utilizing technology are: a. Allows for international business to be possible b. Say you need to leave the office for a few days because of issues at home. You always have the ability to work from home through email, and if your company has the technology setup, just log onto your work computer from home. 3. Power and technological communication is very closely related. Technology allows a workplace to become more of a level playing field. Through mediums such as email, there is no tone that can be used to stress that someone is the boss or someone is inferior. At the same time, this lack of tone can diminish order and organization. People become to relaxed and things are not as orderly. I think it is more of a negative impact....
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