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Chapter 7 Exploring Interpersonal Communication 1. Define the following term and explain how they impact communication at work: Schemata o The mental pattern recognition planes that help us identify and organize incoming information. This is the method by which perception works. Person prototypes o The stereotypes we associate to people when we first meet them. The impact us because they encourage us to ignore or miss important details that separate uniqueness among individuals from categorical generalization Personal constructs o The specific evaluations we make of people based on our assessment of their habits and behavior. This form of perception is very personal. It often conforms to our personal preferences. Two people may meet the same person, see a characteristic, and come away with two different feelings about the person. Phatic communication o The pattern sequences of talk or scripts we use everyday. They allow us to behave effortlessly, mindlessly, while we appear to be engaged in a conversation. Based on their response in our script, this is where we make our perception. We must learn to give the person some creativity and uniqueness to respond. Scripts
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Chapter%207 - Chapter 7 Exploring Interpersonal...

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