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LA 1203 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE P ART 1: R EADING N OTES A UTHORS AND WRITINGS Marks of Human Passage- Wallace Stegner Should Cars Be Allowed In Yosemite? - James Bryce A Second World- Bayard Taylor The Hawaiian Volcanoes - Mark Twain A Footloose in Democracy - Bernard De Voto Western Expansion across Wide Missouri- De Voto Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens Factories in Lowell Massachusetts - by Charles Dickens Nature - by Ralph Waldo Emerson Ktaadn" in the Maine Woods- Henry David Thoreau A UTHOR I NFORMATION Wallace Stegner: Joined in on a fight for the Damn of Echo Park Friends with DeVoto according to Harmon Wrote biography about DeVoto and Powell The Marks of Human Passage is about Powell going down the Colorado River James Bryce: Member of Parliament Bayard Taylor: Critics only gave Taylor credit for filling expectations of his mid 19 th century readers, he only pleased the readers with Second World Valley of Humiliation, Great Relief, Gothic Gallery Found in mammoth cave Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens): Compared Vesuvius to a Hawaiian volcano called Kilauea He thought Vesuvius was insignificant (“children’s volcano” or “soup kettle”) He went barefooted at night time De Voto: Held “easy chair” with Harper’s Magazine and wrote about Echo Park Involved with Eco Park in the 1950’s, 40 years after Hetch Hetchy Picked up by Reader’s Digest Story of Echo Park Big battle, De Voto and Stegner involved, trying to build another Dam in Echo Canyon, but this time the environment won. Difference between Hetch Hetchy and Echo Finally environmental community became a political entity Won Pulitzer Prize in 1947 with Western Expansion across Wide Missouri Quote - “Aesthetics, one may lack words to express the impact of beauty but no one was felt it is left untouched” Charles Dickens: In Factories in Lowell Massachusetts , he was impressed with women factory
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workers and their poetry In Christmas Carol , he criticized society Asked readers to compare Haunts of Desperate Misery to Lowell Massachusetts Ralph Waldo Emerson Lowell will haunt in desperate misery Henry David Thoreau Quote - “According to Jackson, accurately measured altitude of Ktaadn is 5300 ft or a little more than a mile above level of the sea…highest point in the state of Maine” O THER STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW Dinosaur National Monument associated with all the rivers (Not Great Salt Lake)
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Lecture_Final_for_LA_-_Real - LA 1203 FINAL EXAM STUDY...

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