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EXAM 2 OBJECTIVES FROM THE TEXTBOOK (MGMT) Chapter 5: Planning and Decision-Making 1. What is devil’s advocacy? (p. 93; 90) A decision-making method in which an individual or a subgroup is assigned the role of a critic 2. What is electronic brainstorming? (p. 94; 91 ) A decision-making method in which group members use computers to build on each other’s ideas to generate many alternative solutions 3. What has research revealed concerning the effectiveness of electronic brainstorming as compared to face-to-face brainstorming? (p. 94; 91) It overcomes the disadvantages associated with brainstorming face-to-face 4. What problems does electronic brainstorming overcome? (p. 94; 91) Production blocking - which occurs when you have an idea but have to wait to share it because someone else is already presenting an idea to the group. Evaluation apprehension – being afraid of what others will think of your ideas (everything is anonymous) 5. What are the disadvantages of electronic brainstorming? (p. 94; 91)
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