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1. Herbie Hancock played bass. FALSE 2. Louis Armstrong Park used be this, slaves danced. Congo Square 3. List in order: Armstrong, Cootie, Dizzy, Chet Baker, Wynston 4. Musica Universalis was with John Coltrane. TRUE 5. Antonio and Stan Getz formed latin jazz from: Brazil 6. Afro Cuban has bass notes often off the beat. TRUE 7. Quote from Miles about who could read from a newspaper: Joao Gilberti 8. If song is 4:32, at 2:16 what will happen, when talking about Golden Mean: I said nothing 9. Golden mean, about Tchewiruwoit series, is 67%: FALSE (Fibonacci??) 10. Art Blakey played: drums 11. Art Blakey used loud intrusions: TRUE 12. Taken away by cops: Cabaret cards 13. Finale does what to the music once you put it in computer: extract the parts 14. What was the computer program: MIDI 15. John Coltrane worked with who and became important? Thelonius Monk 16. First racially mixed band was with: Benny Goodman 17. Common instrumentation of big band was 2 sax, trumpet, blah blah: False (should be 5
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Unformatted text preview: sax, 3-4 everything else) 18. Picture of Duke Ellington 19. Picture: options were Mils Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Clifford Brown (man with red pants and a trumpet, I said Clifford Brown idk?) 20. Willis Conover: Voice of America 21. The types of Latin Jazz we studied had triple beats and did heavy swing: FALSE 22. Who played congo drums with Gillespie? Charles Pozo 23. Who was involved with the ban orders? James Petrillo 24. Star Crossed lovers was written for: Romeo and Juliet 25. Miles Davis grew up in poverty in East St. Louis: FALSE (looked this up, his folks were rich$$) 26. What latin term did we use? Sine Qua Non 27. To differentiate between the big and small beat: Supermetric 28. Vibrato is used to: add length to the note 29. Bebop was going from entertainer to artist: TRUE 30. Match the instruments: Freddie Green: guitar, Charlie Parker: saxophone, Art Tatum: piano, Bix Beiderbecke: cornet...
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