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Practice questions: 1. Troy went to go buy a car. He knew what he wanted and knew what price he wanted to take. He didn’t know the car salesman nor did he care to know him. Which best represents his communication style? 1. Analyticals 2. Amiables 3. Expressives 4. Drivers 2. Tom was talking to Mary and told her he wanted to be a doctor. He had never told anyone that before. This shows a dimension of: 1. Trust 2. Intimacy 3. Fatigue 4. Power 3. Dixie took Charlie’s toy. This shows a dimension of: 1. Trust 2. Intimacy 3. Fatigue 4. Power 4. John McCain talked about the importance of communicating while in the POW camps. He explained how the soldiers would communicate by tapping on walls in the Hanoi Hilton when he was a POW. This communication is important because we have a _____________ need to communicate: 1. Physical 2. Identity 3. Social 5. Mary is amazing. She is a mother, sister, attorney, and she is now in charge of the volunteers at her church. She enjoys doing a variety of things in her life. She has: 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Consistent role conflict 2. A large role repertoire 3. Severe role rigidity 4. Major life issues 6. Examples of a channel in communication include: 1. Cell phone 2. Email 3. Face book 4. All of the above 7. Alyssa went to the mall and thought, “Gee, I want a pretzel.” This is which type of communication: 1. Intrapersonal 2. Interpersonal 3. Small group 4. Organizational 8. Amanda and Alex were up watching Nick at Nite. There was a commercial for a chocolate fountain. They describe how wonderful having a chocolate fountain would be and showed many different types of parties where a chocolate fountain could be used. This goal for this segment of the commercial was: 1. To aid in understanding 2. To create a virtual experience 3. Maintain action 4. Formulate a belief 9. The following is true of cultural performance EXCEPT: 1. They are scheduled 2. They are spatially bounded 3. They are publically coordinated 4. They have no program....
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Practice_questions_test_1.docx - Consistent role conflict...

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