Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chapter9 18:44

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Chapter 9 18:44 We should view communication as a people process as opposed to a language process Defensive Behavior – occurs when an individual perceives and anticipates an attack This calls them to devote a lot of their energy to self defense Interested in dominating, impressing, winning, and refuting attacks View interaction as a competition; people are winners or losers Sometimes its rational to be defensive because people may be attacking you Someone who is chronically defensive usually has a low self-esteem Defensive/Supportive Behaviors Defensive            |           Supportive ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Evaluation                  1. Description 2. Control                       2. Problem Orientation 3. Strategy                     3. Spontaneity 4. Neutrality                   4. Empathy
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Chapter 9 - Chapter9 18:44

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