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1.  An actual or imaginary individual or group conceived of having influence upon  an individual's evaluations, aspirations, or behavior is known as a(n) ________. a) reference group b) brand community c) Consumer tribe d) Virtual community of consumption e) Opinion leader 2. A person can have power simply because she knows something is an example of __________ power. A. Referent B. Information C. Legitimate D. Expert 3. Street teams for a music artist or group is an example of what king of marketing? A. Guerilla Marketing B. Viral Marketing C. Tribal Marketing D. Buzz Marketing 4. A group of consumers who share a set of social relationships based upon  usage or interest in a product is labeled a(n) ________. A. Netnography B. Shopmob C.Opinion Leadership D. Brand Community E. Reference Group 5.  An aspirational reference group is ________. A. the least influential type of group
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Ch. 11 -...

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