Quiz 16 - repeated periodically A Monomyth B Ritual C...

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Quiz 16 1) A culture is a society's: A. name brand B. consumer tribe C. personality D. point of view 2) _______ can reflect underlying cultural processes of a particular period. A. products B. time C. money D. class 3) What three crescive norms combine to define a culturally appropriate behavior? A. time, distance, money B. customs, mores, and conventions C. customs, money, time D. time, conventions, customs 4) Economic giving is a form of: A. showing love B. showing off C. making friends D. economic exchange, symbolic exchange, and social expression 5) A ________ is a custom with a strong moral overtone. A. Custom B. More (mor-ay) C. Convention D. Taboo E. Voodoo 6) ______ myths help to explain the origins of existence. A. Cosmological B. Metaphysical C. Sociological D. Psychological E. Physiological 7) A ______ is a set of multiple, symbolic behaviors that occur in a fixed sequence and is
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Unformatted text preview: repeated periodically. A. Monomyth B. Ritual C. Holiday D. Myth E. Calling 8) _____ occurs when ordinary objects, events, and even people take on a sacred meaning. A. Holiday B. Sacralization C rite of passage D. Hoarding E. Desacralization 9) _______________ obliges people to return the gesture of a gift of equal value. A. Reciprocity Norm B. Gift Giving Ritual C. Presentation D. Symbolic Exchange E. Social Expression 10) What is not true about culture? A. It is the “Lens” through which people view products. B. It determines the overall priorities. C. It determines what products will make it. D. It is not related to consumer behavior. 1.c 2.a 3.b 4.d 5.b 6.b 7.b 8.b 9.a 10.d...
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Quiz 16 - repeated periodically A Monomyth B Ritual C...

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