Chapter 9 Quiz (2)

Chapter 9 Quiz (2) - ...? A. heuristics B. product signal...

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Extended problem solving, limited problem solving, and habitual decision making are all type of; A) Problem Recognition B) Consumer Decisions C) Consumer Problems D) Decision Making Perspectives E) Decision Behavior All are following stages of the decision making process EXCEPT; A) Information Search B) Problem Recognition C) Evaluation of Outcomes D) Product Choice E) Outcomes Obtaining information from ads, retailers, catalogs, friends, family, people watching, and web cites is using what type of search method? A Internel B External C Outer D Inner E None Buyers using simple decision rules to choose is an example of: A Limited Problem Solving B Extended Problem Solving C Habitual Decision making D Ideal Decision Making E None of the above
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Dimensions we use to judge the merits of competing options are called. ...... ? A. Determinant attributes B. Evaluative criteria C. feature creep D. judicial attributes E. knowledge structure Mental rules -of - thumb that lead to a speedy decision can also be called.
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Unformatted text preview: ...? A. heuristics B. product signal C. green thumb D. Intelligent agents E. electronic recommendation agent From a rational perspective, customers: A. do not take into account the pluses and minuses of each alternative B. integrate as much information as possible with what they already know about a product C. are not very invovled in rational decisions about products D. do not arrive at a satisfactory decision Which of the following can be a way that people can obtain information through external searches? A. ads B. retailers C. family D. people-watching E. all of the above Electronic recommendation agents: a) ask for users to communicate preferences b) recommends a list of sorted alternatives c) have findings associated with such agents d) all of the above Ziph's Law is the tendency to prefer a number one brand to ___________. a) the consumer b) the producer c) the competition d) the market B,C,B,A,B,A,B,E,D,C...
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Chapter 9 Quiz (2) - ...? A. heuristics B. product signal...

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