ch7quiz (1) - 1. The ABC model emphasizes the...

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1. The ABC model emphasizes the interrelationships among: A. Hearing, smelling, tasting B. Seeing, hearing, smelling C. Knowing, seeing, doing D. Feeling, doing, knowing 2. At which level of involvement does COMPLIANCE fall? A. Highest level B. Lowest level C. Mid level D. Sea level 3. We can reduce dissonance when we: A. Eliminate, add, or change elements B. Stay on the beaten path C. Ignore the problem D. Look for more inconsistencies 4. A PROCESS IDENTIFICATION occurs when: A. You recognize an advertisement from previous views B. You recall a commercial's specific message C. A person forms an attitude to conform to another person's or groups's expectations D. You get your picture taken at the DMV. 5. What are the three elements of the BASIC MULTIATTRIBUTE MODEL: A. Beauty, age, gender B. Importance weights, beliefs, religion C. Race, religion, gender D. Attributes, beliefs, Importance weights 6. The 'foot in the door' technique is effective because: A. it allows salesmen to contact consumers in person
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ch7quiz (1) - 1. The ABC model emphasizes the...

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