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Quiz ch5 - 6 refers to the possession of both masculine and...

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Quiz ch. 5 1.) A consumer’s subjective evaluation of his or her physical self is known as: a. Body cathexis b. Body image c. Actual self d. Ideal of beauty 2.) According to this perspective, people exist in a symbolic environment, and we assign meaning to any situations or object by interpreting the symbols in this environment: a. Symbolic interpretationism b. Symbolic interactionism c. Situational interpretation d. Situational interaction 3.) Which of the following has been used to label a person’s specific traits in the marketing industry? 4.) A person’s conception of how he or she would like to be is: 5.) ____________ stresses that relationship with other people play a large part in forming the self.
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Unformatted text preview: 6.) ______________ refers to the possession of both masculine and feminine traits. a. Sex-typed traits b. Androgyny c. Metro sexual d. Body cathexis 7.) Many societies expect males to pursue ______________ goals, which stress self-assertion and mastery. a. Communal goals b. Agentic goals c. Illusive goals d. Unrealistic goals 8.) Why do people choose to decorate or mutilate their bodies? a. To separate group members from nonmembers b. To enhance sex-role identification c. To place the individual in the social organization d. To place the person in a gender category e. All of the above 9.) An example of symbolic self-completion theory would be a. A young woman buying a textbook b. An adolescent boy buying cigarettes c. An old man buying a milk shake d. A mother buying toothpaste for her son 10.) Which is not one of the four levels of the extended self? a. Individual level b. Community level c. Societal level d. Family level e. Group level Answers: B, B, D, B, B, B, B, E, B, C...
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Quiz ch5 - 6 refers to the possession of both masculine and...

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