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ch 2 quiz combo - Chapter 2 Quiz Questions 1 Which of the...

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9-1-11 Chapter 2 Quiz Questions 1.) Which of the following is not part of the three levels of planning that takes place in larger businesses? a. Strategic Planning b. Operational Planning c. Marketing Planning d. Functional Planning 2.) Which of the following is not included in the 5 steps of strategic planning? 3.) An organization’s strategic, functional, and operational plans must work to 4.) Which of the following is a characteristic of a good mission statement?
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5.) To use ROI properly an organization must: a. Identify the most appropriate and consistent measurement to apply b. Combine review of ROMI with other critical marketing metrics c. Fully consider the potential long-term impact of the actions ROMI drives d. All of the above 6.) Operational plans include: a. Detailed directions for the specific activities to be carried out
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