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Vocabulary Exam 1 (1) - Marketing Research Vocabulary Exam...

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Marketing Research – Vocabulary Exam 1 Affective usage: When marketing research is performed because it makes the researchers and/or the decision-makers “feel” good. Applied research: Research aimed at solving the problem(s) of a specific firm. Basic research: Research aimed at extending the frontiers of our knowledge of a subject or area. Boundary spanner: An organizational function (e.g., marketing research or sales) that connects the organization to the outside world. Case analysis: The review of information from situations similar to the one faced at the present time. Confirmatory research: Research conducted to test (confirm) assumptions about a situation. Congruous usage: Using the results of a marketing research study in a way that is consistent with its intent and its implications. Database marketing: The development of marketing strategies by using a database to develop an understanding of customers' behaviors. Data mining: Using statistical techniques to discover nonobvious patterns and relationships in a company's database. Decision support system: A combination of database systems, hardware systems, and software designed to aid decision-makers by giving them access to information, analysis tools, and decision models. Deontology:
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Vocabulary Exam 1 (1) - Marketing Research Vocabulary Exam...

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