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Campaigns and Elections Problems associated with delegation Moral hazard- deals with the problem of getting action. Not everything is clearly visual Adverse Selection- deals with getting information. Deals with whether or not we know everything we need to know about candidates How can elections help mitigate the problems with delegation? Elections add legitimacy in government Elections channel social discontent What are some key milestones in the expansion of suffrage in the U.S.? Started with white, male, property owners Then expanded to anyone who served in the revolutionary army Then expanded to any white man (1840s) Women allowed to vote in 1920 African American males allowed to vote in 1870
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Unformatted text preview: What are the different types of elections Americans vote in? • Primary Elections- about winning a spot on the ballot. Each party decides who will run on election day • General Elections- gives the winner a term of office • Direct democracy- elections ran by the people Ballot access is not a guarantee in the United States • Each state sets its own rules to get on the ballot • Smaller 3 rd parties have trouble getting on the ballot How do plurality rules differ from proportional representation? • Plurality rules- whoever have the most votes wins • Proportional representation-awards seats based on percentage of the vote that your party receives...
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