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Public Opinion and American Politics The Micro level of Public Opinion is the individual opinion The Macro level of Public Opinion is the combined individual opinion Public Opinion- Those opinions held by private persons that governments find it prudent to listen too The Constitution protects the right of speech, the right to petition government Our values are deep seeded goals that represent our aspirations Our attitudes reflect specific opinions about politicians or political policies The two main political ideologies are conservatism and liberalism Liberalism and conservatism are opposite opinions Partisanship- serves as a filter for information Political Socialization- Heuristics- positive thoughts that American rely upon to make decisions
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Unformatted text preview: • The sharpest opinions between public opinion is between whites and blacks • The gender gap in the United States states that women will agree with Democratic beliefs on Economic issues The Federal System • The same people in territory are included in both levels of government • The U.S constitution protects the states from the national government (vice versa) • Each level of government has the ability to have leverage over the other • Conflicts between federal law and state law, Federal law wins (supremacy) • Full-Faith-in-Credit clause – policies in other states must be recognized in current state • Comity- Treat the citizens in other states the same way you treat your own • McCulloch V. Maryland...
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