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Government Class Establishment Clause Kentucky Case (2005) can’t post Ten Commandments in courthouses Van Orden v Perry (2005) Ten Commandments on capitol grounds are ok because it’s amid a variety of other monuments and was mixed along other cultural and patriotic symbols. Free exercise clause You can practice your religion freely until it violates someone else’s rights (cannibalism) Or It is an attempt to escape the obligation of a “valid and neutral law of general applicability” Employment Division of Oregon v Smith (guy said smoking coyote was a part of his religion and wanted benefits when he was terminated) 2 nd Amendment Right to bear arms. . Can’t have like a bazooka or tank –DC vs Heller 3 rd amendment no quarter service members in your home The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures Two general requirements are needed for a search to be valid 1. The search must be pursuant to a valid search warrant (or within an exception) 2. The search must be based on probable cause. The search must be limited the place described in the warrant and the area described items might
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Government_Class_notes - Government Class Establishment...

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