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govt_federalist. - Increased the salary for schools...

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Federalist v anti federalist Congress can’t pass ex facto law ( when something is illegal u can’t arrested ppl for it when it was legal) The first thing congress did when they did was make the bill of rights. Debates o They debated thru printed works. o Texas has had 7 constitutions current one is the 1876 constitution. One of the longest constitutions in USA. Few years after the civil war. Created a fairly modern constitution. o Proactive gov Annual legislative sessions
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Unformatted text preview: Increased the salary for schools regardless of race, roads and officials State police systems were created The gov appointed all judges as well as governing bodies of local towns and cities. o Dems call for a new convention in 1875. Davis administration he barriacates himself in his offices. Many anglo tx democrats felt abused by the state gov and republican governor and wanted the state to have less power. They had a fear of exec power o A Bill of rights extensive o Created weak govt spread powere over lots of people....
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