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History_Notes._2010._Wiggins. - Pineapples Tobacco Potatoes...

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History I. States Rights a. Tension between government and state b. Which is more powerful? i. Civil war answered that question II. Mississippi River a. Largest in the United States b. 57 tributaries i. drain half the water in the United States III. Yellowstone National Park a. Biggest herd of bison IV. Rocky Mountains a. Huge Mountains b. Barriers for people trying to move V. Native Americans a. 2-50 million b. there before Christopher Columbus c. 500 tribes d. various dialects caste system- when you are born in into a certain social status. - everyone lived the same- Native Americans to Europeans I. Tomatoes. Pecans. Peanuts. Squash. Pumpkin.
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Unformatted text preview: Pineapples. Tobacco. Potatoes. Cocoa. Corn Europeans to Native Americans I. Horses. Cattle. Pig. Germs. Small Pox. Diseases from Old World I. Small Pox & Meseals a. Incredibly harmful b. 90% natives died c. No immunities Conditions I. Very Cold a. Difficult to produce crop b. Difficult to go outside c. Thames (tims) i. Froze solid ii. Freeze over d. Ice Fair i. Provided Winter Snacks 1780 I. NY Harbor Freezes a. Difficult agriculture Religion I. Cruisade a. 1095- 1220 b. Pope calls for crusade i. From Holy land to the Muslim c. New contact with people and things...
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History_Notes._2010._Wiggins. - Pineapples Tobacco Potatoes...

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