notesmar11 - emphasis on subtleties of egoistic suicide)...

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3/11/08 Review Essay: talk very specifically abt boundary issues. Where a boundary was drawn, how and why.  Examples from class.  Research issue maybe. Read Ann Stoler Article Give supporting evidence NY Times article on Sakai~ EC questions that also relate to essay Don’t talk abt same thing in essay and EC Remember the idea of what intersubjectivity is Diagram abt self in diff eras: know problems asscociated with the self, eras and how things  changed Don’t worry abt fuzzy and flexible minds Main differanc e between primary and secondary groups is how strongly they feel abt eachother  and how much it shapes your life Know why Durkheim thinks diff groups have diff rates…know some examples
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Anomic Suicide~ results from a state of normlessness and lacking in regulation. (more 
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Unformatted text preview: emphasis on subtleties of egoistic suicide) Looking glass self Reading howard article m ay help with essay Know lumping and splitting Read C. Wright Mills~ know what he is saying abt the individual lying between intersection of biography and history. Difference between personal problem and social issue Know habitus~ be able to give an example. Habitus is internilazation of social opportunity structure Don’t use politics examples in essay unless totally diff from stuff on disscuussion question Reification~ get points on the essay IF USED CORRECTLY Looking glass self oimmediate, habitus develops Know what is meant b y the terms self and identity...
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notesmar11 - emphasis on subtleties of egoistic suicide)...

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