Sociology - disrupt the operation of society, such as:...

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21. Social- functional analysis is the various components that make society work smoothly. English sociologist Herbert Spencer compared the society to the human body and social-function helps keep the body working together. The key points contain preserving social ties, manifest functions, and latent functions. Social patterns help tie people together and help society to keep going. Manifest functions are the recognized and intended consequences of any social patterns such as: Higher education is meant to give young people information and skills they need for jobs after graduation. Latent functions are the unrecognized and unintended consequences of any social pattern, such as: Higher education limits unemployment by keeping millions of people out of the labor markets. The key criticisms of social functionalism are that it focuses too much on social stability and unity and ignores gender, race, and other individual factors that can cause conflict. It can also cause social dysfunction which is any social pattern that may
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Unformatted text preview: disrupt the operation of society, such as: globalization of the economy or rising flow of immigrants 22. In my opinion sociobiology is a valid theory. I am an only child and an am often stopped from doing things by my parents because I am I girl and give my male cousins much more freedom. They still view me as fragile even though I am older. It is a very clear there is a double standard. 23. In my personal opinion I am ethnocentric. There are many things as an American that I feel are the “right” way; as opposed to the way other countries do things. In England they drive on the left side of the street. I often say the “wrong side” of the street instead of opposing. An example of Cultural Relativism is parental discipline. Sometimes parents spank their child in public places, but I don’t consider that child abuse, because of the way I was raised....
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Sociology - disrupt the operation of society, such as:...

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