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E162-Environmentalmovement - late 1960’s huge oil spill...

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Environmental movement - Being more educated, more green, changed in the last couple of years, its  everyone getting involved and making smarter consumer choices and  understanding, Advertising/merchandising point Choices Awareness; general education Gives status, because celebrities are advertising for it But at same time disconnect b/w average citizens and the movement Fad? Lack of impendency/ easily over shadowed History Conservation 1800s forest service, conserve resources to have sustainable yield  in the future dominated by elites  Environmental movement seeing elites doing not average JOe progressive era- better sewage, public health as the environmental movement 1960 and 1970’s GI Bill gave men a lot of ability to have them when they came  back from war to buy housing become middle class men  then they started to think about the issues if they were really good and started  researching
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Unformatted text preview: late 1960’s huge oil spill and then we saw the picture of the world and saw our selves as a system then saw that the technology that we were creating might not be so good for our future 1970s people identifying themselves as environmentalists In regards to legislation being active started as very active then just really stopped 1980, environmental justice minorities being more sited where pollution was involved What are the three main things through history???? Criticisms Ran by the elite Claims that they make overstated we need to do research The Death of Environmentalism Environmentalist focus on single issues rather than taking a step back and how can we make the protecting our environment a movement, and link issues (terrorism) need big picture solutions Maybe too big and too abstract to make anything actually happen...
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E162-Environmentalmovement - late 1960’s huge oil spill...

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