E162EnvironmentalJustice - EnvironmentalJustice Whatisit?...

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What is it? 1)equal enforcement 2)public participation with public participation it ensures equal enforcement 3)transparency in the government the gov’t needs to be transparent so people can participate Why do we have reason to believe that environmental justice? 1)targeting low-income and/or minority communities 2) hazardous facilities   harm 3)lack of “control capacity”  voice, political power, or opportunity Facts US government Accountability Office stud of 1983 United Church of Christ Commission for Radical Justice report of 1987 Contemporary data The Human impact. . Internet a way for communities that don’t feel that they have a voice to give a  voice and put their ideas out their Low property values to industries vicious circle What to do about environmental injustice? Grassroots advocacy and awareness building
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E162EnvironmentalJustice - EnvironmentalJustice Whatisit?...

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