E162EnvironmentalLit - 5 obstacles to overcome 1.more...

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Environmental Lit sterio  Good citizenship requires literacy about how scientific and decision-making  elements interact… (environmental literacy is) familiarity with the social  processes that accompany most environmental issues and some understanding  how the scientific method works – Schneider  don’t need to know everything but how do deal with it, how to approach the  problem To acquire 3 questions What can happen  What are the odds How you know? Environmental Literacy Council “science-based information on environmental  issues” Environmental Intelligence Orr  an encompassing perspective and long-term mode of thinking about  environmental impacts, rather than a stove-piped, disciplinary perspective or  “cleverness”- being able to look at nature now and in the future “knowledge about how nature works
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Unformatted text preview: 5 obstacles to overcome 1.more comprehensive and ecologically solvent standards for truth 2. facts/politics 3. Is continuing tech progress always good 4. Questions assumptions 5. Education: are the places appropriate Orr; a primary way we gain ecological literacy is via “first-hand knowledge, the intimate connection between the mind and material creative activity Want to be environmentally literate intelligent Two Different Ways; Nature Sense of place Nature Journaling Goals Encourage you to see nature as something here and now, noth out there and foreign Nature stuffy will parallel the process of inquiry you will learn to apply t environmental problems Enhance communication skills Use all five senses to experience Create a work product from this class...
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E162EnvironmentalLit - 5 obstacles to overcome 1.more...

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