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E162 Section 9564, Final Exam Study Guide The final exam will be held during the final exam period, 2:45-4:45, on Friday, December 18. The final exam will have 30 questions. Fifteen questions will be multiple choice and 15 will require short answers of 2–4 sentences each. The questions will be drawn from this study guide. The study guide contains 60 questions. 1) What three characteristics does Bullard say distinguish the organization of a typical environmental justice group from that of a group associated with the traditional U.S. e nvironmental movement? The environmental justice movement has basically redefined what environmentalism is all about. It basically says that the environment is everything: where we live, work, play, go to school, as well as the physical and natural world. And so we can't separate the physical environment from the cultural environment. We have to talk about making sure that justice is integrated throughout all of the stuff that we do. What the environmental justice movement is about is trying to address all of the inequities that result from human settlement, industrial facility siting and industrial development. What we've tried to do over the last twenty years is educate and assist groups in organizing and mobilizing, empowering themselves to take charge of their lives, their community and their surroundings. It's more of a concept of trying to address power imbalances, lack of political enfranchisement, and to redirect resources so that we can create some healthy, liveable and sustainable types of models. 2) Delegates at the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit called acts of environmental injustice a violation of which two specific international environmental protocols? (Extra credit: Explain why environmentally unjust acts violate these protocols.) To secure our political, economic and cultural liberation that has been denied for over 500 years of colonization and oppression, resulting in the poisoning of our communities and land and the genocide of our peoples, do affirm and adopt these Principles of Environmental Justice 3) What are at least three reasons why average American life expectancies steadily climbed from 1900 through the late 1930s? Better healthcare, food cropping systems, machines invented to take the place of the man 4) In 1985, what cause of mortality was responsible for the largest percentage of deaths in developing countries of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia? In that same year, what cause
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E162Finalreview1 - E162 Section 9564, Final Exam Study...

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