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FINAL EXAM REVIEW 31) Explain the difference between economic water scarcity and physical water scarcity. Physical Scarcity Physical access to water is limited. When demand for water outstrips the lands’ ability to provide, there is physical scarcity. For the most part, dry parts of the world or arid regions are most often associated with physical scarcity. However, there are an increasing number of regions in the world where physical scarcity is a man-made condition. Example: The Colorado River Basin is a seemingly abundant source of water is overused and over-managed, leading to rivers running dry. Economic Scarcity Economic water scarcity exists when a population does not have the necessary monetary means to utilize an adequate source of water. It is about an unequal distribution of resources for various reasons, including political and ethnic conflict. Much of sub-Saharan Africa suffers under the effects of this type of water scarcity. Economic water scarcity in an issue that can be addressed quickly and effectively. Access to clean water can be as simple as building small dams to catch rain water, or rain collection systems to collect rain from rooftops. 32) Explain one reason why ecotherapy can help improve psychological outcomes. Part of our identity was traditionally constructed with reference to nature, but modern society has broken that link. Ecotherapy seeks to re-establish it. Caring for nature, as in horticultural therapy, connects the patient to thousands of years of instinct-coded nature-nurturing. This practice provides an outlet for maternal/paternal instincts lost in contemporary society. Whereas quest for control is endemic in society, nature experiences allow individuals to accept lack of control. After breast cancer surgery, patients with trees instead of white walls to look at experienced
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E162FINALreviewpart3 - FINAL EXAM REVIEW 31 Explain the...

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