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E162SkepticalEnvironmentalist - 15:37 ,

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Skeptical Environmentalism 15:37 Controversy Over Skeptical Environmentalist Union of Concerned Scientists Not a fan of Lomberg’s work A number of environmental scientists brought complaints against Lomberg to the Danish  Committee on Scientific Dishonestly, arguing Lomberg purposefully misled readers. In  2003, the committee found Lomberg had Fabricated data Selectively cited (this means using and citing only data that supports you argument) Used misleading statistical methods Generated misleading conclusions Plagiarized Purposefully misinterpreted the results However, Lomberg appealed the committee’s findings and the findings were invalidated  on grounds that the committee had made procedural errors. In 2004 the committee  declined to re-investigate Lomberg, saying it would come to the same conclusions Debate between Lomberg and his critics is strong and ongoing
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  • Fall '09
  • WadzinskiL
  • World population, Source criticism, Lomberg, Skeptical Environmentalist Union, Generated misleading conclusions

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