v160Chapter7 - Chapter7:PoliticsandEconomicsofinequality...

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Chapter 7: Politics and Economics of inequality Restraints  Federalism and Separation of Powers Fed- vertical separation S of P- checks and balances   House Way and Means Committee =  Charles Rangle History 1776- Declaration of Independence pragmatic to our govt don’t want intervention on taxes American Dream, promise in early American optimism Groups that immigrated for opportunities\ Widespread belief in an open, vigorous and progressive community to equal  opportunities for all in which life would improve for each generation Includes belief that income and wealth the economy generated would become  more evenly distributed Populations that immigrate Self-selecting populations, leaving ppl who don’t have drive and ambition to go  there Constitution that resulted from all the compromises provided a system of  separation of powers between the president, Congress, and the judiciary. Principle of Checks and Balances resulted from the inability of the farmers of the 
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v160Chapter7 - Chapter7:PoliticsandEconomicsofinequality...

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