v160globaldimensions - 2-20 Global DimensionsNew Rules: The...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-20 Global DimensionsNew Rules: The American Economy in the Next Century pgs.244-252Lester C. Thurow-Teaches at MIT, used to be the deanMIT- 2nd hardest school to get into (Cal Tech, 1st)We live in a knowledge base economyEra of man-made, brain power industries, for this revolution has replaced natural resources with human skills as mankinds most productive assets ex; Bill GatesLiberal View on Knowledge Base EconomyDeal with itBorders are disappearing like Onmae,Globalization blurs national economic boundariesTechnology and globalization are rapidly changing the way business operations, limiting the ability of governments to restrict- or even control- economic activityMost Big American corporations are being produced and the sales are done overseasCompanies no longer wedding to one economy because they are finding cities governments that rules governing intellectual property rights are most favorable to their interests????Ben Bernankey and other counterparts are going to be getting together for world market.Euro-BluesFrom the introduction of the Euro in 1999, in the US was the most variable change since WWIIInvestors and financiers will have a viable alternative to the US dollarUS dollar has gone down significantly, when it went down EURO replaced it...
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v160globaldimensions - 2-20 Global DimensionsNew Rules: The...

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