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V160Pressing issue - To: President Obama Everyone wants to...

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To: President Obama Everyone wants to be represented equally; everyone wants to be able to prosper to his or her greatest ability. In our nation we have a government that serves to protect our people. We have checks and balance to protect us from one idea or person from taking over and corrupting our beliefs. Many precautions are taken to protect our health, jobs, and our lives. But what will happens if one element shifts the balance, gaining more influence on nation, the situation at hand is The Employee Free Choice Act. In this case we have an issue of Unions gaining too much power in our nation. Solutions can be made to secure their power and what influence they have on the labor workers and our nations businesses. The two solutions to this pressing issue is one, pass the bill or two, reject the bill and keep the current laws concerning the Unions. The Employee Free Choice Act (EMCA) would make it easier for unions to organize new unions by allowing them to have workers sign cards rather than vote on secret ballots. (Gerald). It would make easier to form the unions because it gives the workers the right to unionize as soon as a majority of employees sign cards in agreement. (Phillips) This would allow workers to skip the lengthy process of a National Labor Relations Board election. The process of getting the majority of cards signed is called “card check.” (Marcus). Once the company is unionized then they have the options to have federal arbitrator write the terms of a binding contract. This contract will have the force of law behind it for two years; it sets wages, benefits, hours, work rules, and all
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V160Pressing issue - To: President Obama Everyone wants to...

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