TSF for ACP (officer) revised 1 Apr 2010

TSF for ACP (officer) revised 1 Apr 2010 - MCRC OFFICER...

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MCRC OFFICER TATTOO SCREENING FORM NAME_________________________________L4 SSN_________________DATE_____________ Part I. Purpose . The purpose of this form is to ensure that you tell us the full extent of your tattoos, brands and/or body ornamentation. Refusal to complete the form will result in termination of your officer commissioning processing. 1. Does the candidate currently have, or ever had any tattoos, brands, body markings, or body ornamentation, or has the candidate ever had a tattoo, brand or body ornamentation removed, concealed, covered or altered ? (Initials in appropriate block) Y _____ N_____ If answer to Question 1 is NO, the candidate will move to Part II Certification Block of this Screening Form. Questions 2 through 9, Part IV Documentation and Part V Recertification on Page 3, are not required . 2. Does candidate have any tattoos, brands, markings or ornamentations of any type? Y_____ N_____ 3. Are any of the tattoos, brands or markings: - on head or neck (above collarbone in front, above seventh [C7] cervical [last] vertebrae in back or otherwise visible in open collar short sleeve khaki shirt with no undershirt) or inside the mouth? - on hands, fingers, or wrists ? Y ____ N_____ 4. Are any tattoos, markings or ornamentations exposed while wearing the standard PT uniform: - Larger than wearers hand with fingers extended and joined? - Band Tattoos, (max width 2” or less)? - Excessive Tattoos (combined coverage more than 1/4 of the body part? - Sleeve Tattoos (large tattoos or collection of smaller tattoos that covers or almost covers a person’s arm[s] or leg[s])? Y _____N_____ 5. Do any of the tattoos, markings etc., depict nudity, are they racist, eccentric, offensive in nature, or express an association with conduct or substances prohibited by the Marine Corps Drug policy, the UCMJ, to include
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TSF for ACP (officer) revised 1 Apr 2010 - MCRC OFFICER...

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