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UNIVERSAL LEADERSHIP EVALUATION CANDIDATE: CO/PLT : EVALUATOR: BILLET: START DATE: 0628 END DATE: 0630 OVERALL ASSESSMENT: PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Evaluate the candidate’s abilities as demonstrated throughout this reporting period and billet. A. COMMUNICATION SKILLS The efficient transmission and receipt of thoughts and ideas that enable and enhance leadership. Interactive, allowing one to perceive problems and situations, provide concise, and express complex ideas in a form easily understood by everyone. Allow subordinates to ask questions, raise issues and concerns and venture opinions. Unenthusiastic delivery of taskings to unit. Clearly does not communicate well with others. Unable to follow clear, concise directions from higher authority or to clearly articulate information to subordinates. No confidence in self, plans, or subordinates. Fails to clearly communicate up and down the chain of command . Almost always understands an order from higher and clearly passes information to subordinates. Somewhat effective in disseminating plan. Most communications are accurate, intelligent and timely. Considers contributions of others. Tactfully delivers intent and guidance. Kept unit informed in almost all situations . Ability to articulate information is superb. Tasking statements given with conviction and confidence. Verbal communications are of the highest quality. Combines presence and verbal skills, which engender confidence and achieve understanding irrespective of the setting, situation, or size of the group addressed. Displays an intuitive sense of when and how to listen. Superb Communicator . A B C D E B. DECISION MAKING ABILITY Ability to garner all available resources, including subordinate capabilities and limitations, in determining the course of action toward mission accomplishment. Perceived ability to continually analyze a changing situation and solve problems . Anticipation, mental agility, intuition and mission focus are inherent. No apparent analysis of situation or task at hand. Did not utilize the advice of subordinates when necessary. Accepted unnecessary risks. Lacked ability to think under duress. Does not accept
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