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Cell Communication Review Checklist Chapter 11: pages 206-223 (7 th edition: pages 201-215) Communication via direct contact between cells: gap junctions, plasmodesmata, cell surface proteins Long-distance signaling: endocrine, hormones Three stages of signaling: reception, transduction, response Reception: ligand binding receptor Receptors: intracellular receptors (ligands?), plasma membrane receptors (ligands?) Intracellular receptor signaling G-protein coupled receptor signaling: G proteins (GTP, GDP) Receptor Tyrosine kinase signaling Ion channel receptors: ligand-gated ion channels Transduction: relaying signal into the cell Signal transduction pathways/cascades Protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation: protein kinase, protein phosphatase Phosphorylation cascade Second messengers Cyclic AMP: adenylyl cyclase, phosphodiesterase Ca 2+ : SER, IP 3 , IP 3 -gated calcium channel Signal amplification: how? Signal diversity/specificity
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