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311C_Su11_DNA_Review - DNA Review Checklist Chapter 16...

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DNA Review Checklist Chapter 16 pages 305-322 (7 th edition pages 293-307, 360-362) DNA structure: review!! Complementary base-pairing: A-T v. G-C (any difference?), specificity DNA Replication: goal? Basic mechanisms? Semiconservative model? DNA Replication: Initiation Origins of replication: prokaryote vs. eukaryote Replication bubble Replication fork Helicase Topoisomerase Single-strand binding protein (ssbp) DNA Replication: Elongation DNA polymerase 5’ 3’ elongation: 3’ OH phosphodiester bonds Nucleoside triphosphates: dATP, dCTP, dTTP, dGTP (dNTPs) Primase (why?) Primer (why?) Antiparallel elongation Continuous elongation Leading strand Discontinuous elongation Lagging strand Okazaki fragment DNA polymerase III DNA polymerase I DNA ligase DNA Replication: Termination Replicating the ends of chromosomes Telomeres DNA proofreading: DNA polymerase; 3’ 5’ exonuclease (when?) Mismatch repair (when?) Excision repair (when?) Bacterial chromosome structure Eukaryotic chromosome structure
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