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Sheila Humphrey Homework Week 1 Chapter 2 – Question 2 A. I would be highly upset that a classmate had blown the whistle on me for cheating. I believe people should mind there own business. I understand that people have moral and ethics to guide them. However, in doing an act of that nature I would have to be ready to suffer the consequence of my actions. B. I would have to question why the person was cheating. There’s always a reason. However, if this person is a Med student and is cheating, I would have some serious concerns and would report it without a doubt. I would not want this person to be providing medical attention to anyone knowing that his qualifications are not true. He could hold someone’s life in the hands. I would not want to be responsible for helping to allow this ill qualified person to continue Chapter 3 – Question 9 (a, b, c) Should American companies refuse to do business in countries that do not practice democracy? Answer:
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